Mother's Day Gift IdeasMother’s Day is such a special day for most of us, especially the older we get.  We have a better understanding of the value our Mother’s provided to us all those years. Does your Mother who live in an Assisted Living, Nursing Home or a Memory Care Center?  If so, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find appropriate gifts for those special holidays.  Here are some tips on gift giving.

If your Mother is in a nursing home you can always purchase new clothing.  As we age, we can easily fluctuate in size, so it might be a good idea to see how her current clothes are fitting to assure you are purchasing the right size.  It is always a good idea to label your Mother’s clothing before leaving it with her.  There are iron-on labels available to make this easy.

Here are some more gift ideas for Mother’s Day
  • House slippers (full back – non-slip sole)
  • Throw blanket (Make sure it is washable and tag it with her name)
  • New Family Pictures (Keep a family picture frame updated in your Mother’s Room. Also an album with various pictures are good too)
  • Books (Look for large print)
  • Magazine Subscriptions (Even if she isn’t reading much, the pictures are good to look through)
  • Fresh flowers (Ask the florist if any are harmful if ingested if your Mother is in a Memory Care Center)
  • Battery Operated Candles (Great for warming up a room. Find with timer if possible. Don’t forget batteries)
  • Fresh baked goods from home (make sure to check dietary restrictions for safety)
  • Simple seasonal decor (Spring colored pillows, change of bedding, small table top decor)
  • Subscription to Netflix (Assist your Mother in choosing her Movie list, and then help her know how to mail the back. Great for the Mom who loves movies. Best for those in Assisted Living)
  • Box Movie Sets (Johnny Carson is always a hit! Think about shows your Mother loved watching!)
  • New Make-up (Young or old, what gal doesn’t love to look pretty! Even if your Mom doesn’t wear a lot of make-up anymore, some lip gloss can sure boost a gal’s spirit!)
  • New Purse – (Some ladies will never go without their purse! That includes a nursing home.  I have seen many times when ladies will take their purse in their wheelchair to the dining room. It is something familiar and still gives them the sense of being a lady. Help your Mom look great this spring with a new purse!)
  • Jewelry (I would suggest inexpensive jewelry. Pins and broaches are popular as well as beaded necklaces)
  • Hobby Items (Are they into knitting? Your Mother can’t get to the craft store as easy anymore, so bring her some new items to keep that hobby going!)
  • Fish (If the senior living center allows fish, a small beta fish is a great option. It gives your Mother a sense of caring for something a sense of a companion. Make sure your Mother is capable of feeding the fish everyday.)
  • Headphones (Is your Mother a night owl but has a roommate that isn’t?  A pair of headphones might be a great gift so she can listen to music or watch TV as late as she desires.)
  • Stationary & pre-stamped envelopes (Helps keep her in touch with loved ones)
  • YOUR TIME (The most important tip on this list, is giving your Mother your time! It can get lonely quick in a senior care center. Just remember this Mother’s Day…Your Mother gave you all the time you needed – it’s time to give back!)

Wishing all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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